Podcast Episodes

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If you’re looking for the Poor Lass podcast I co-host, head here.

Episode One

with guest Chloe Coles

Em chats to Chloe Coles – Young adult fiction author best known for the Bookshop Girl series. Hear how Chloe first started writing, teenage diaries, how she made the transition from working in a book shop to having her own books on the shelf, her processes, favourite authors and what’s coming up next for her.

Follow Chloe on instagram.com/chlocoles

Episode Two

with guest Niesh Vanterpool

Em chats to Tennesha Vanterpool; creative freelancer working in fashion, streetwear & beauty and also a content creator or ‘digital sharer’ which we discuss is a much better fit. Hear how Niesh started out always staying curious and wanting to learn, her parents encouraging her to work hard and finish what you start, the importance of her family’s roots in Anguilla, how travel keeps your mind open to the possibilities of the world and city living keeps you inspired and constantly moving.

You can follow Niesh at instagram.com/nieshvanterpool 

Episode Three

with guest Sarah Fordham

Em chats to Sarah Fordham; author of X-Stitch and all round funny lass. We talk about how Sarah got into crafting and how she wound up getting a book deal, how social media distorts how we perceive and understand ‘success,’ the millennial hustle, and how she’s embarking on a new chapter in comedy after a dating mishap made it’s way onto a TV show! With extra laughs about online dating, mums on facebook and striving to become a national treasure at 36, listen in for the full story!

You can follow Sarah at instagram.com/sarahvfordham

Episode Four

with guest host Seleena Laverne Daye

In this special episode, Em becomes the interviewee as part of a special crossover episode with Poor Lass. Seleena is the guest host and asks Em about finishing her bankruptcy and how debt impacts on working class people.

You can follow Poor Lass at instagram.com/poorlasszine

Episode Five

with Anon guest

In this episode, Em chats to a special anonymous guest about their gender transition in the 1990s. Pre-internet and the knowledge, understanding and visibility we have now of what it means to be transgender; we discuss coming out, the transition process, how friends and family communicated about it, having little up front information about what was to come, living in stealth, advice for others and what it means to be trans in 2020.

Episode Six

with guest Jake Poll

In this episode, Em chats to Jake Poll about surviving adoption. We talk about his experience of being born into the care system and being adopted at 5. What the adoption process feels like, we unpick attachment disorder, meeting your birth parents, discovering your racial heritage in your mid 20s and how trauma impacts on your life as an adult on your self esteem, career and relationships.

Episode Seven

with guest Kay

In this episode, Em chats to Kay about miscarriage. We talk about the excitement of first finding out you’re pregnant to the moment you realise or are told the pregnancy wasn’t ‘successful.’ How miscarriage affects your body, relationships, family and mental health and how it’s so difficult to find resources or comfort or other people’s experiences as it’s still such a taboo subject.

Episode Eight

with guest Maryam Hassan

In this episode, Em chats to Maryam about her decision to emigrate from the UK to the USA at the age of 30 to become a montessori teacher. Maryam shares her experience of settling into a new life in Chicago, the transformative benefits of living alone, therapy and the freedom of driving and falling out of love with the punk scene. We also then blend thriving into surviving when Maryam found out she had to return to the UK pending green card and visa complications.

You can follow Maryam at

Episode Nine

with guest Kristy Diaz

In this episode, Em chats to Kristy about her upbringing across both the UK and USA as well as her experiences of growing up working class and mixed race along with how all these facets come together when forming your identity as a young person. We talk about her diagnosis of Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and her approaches to tackling her mental health, self care, medication and therapy.

You can follow Kristy at